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Petra-Nia Training Institute began as New Antioch Training Institute (NATI) in 2002. After much prayer, counsel and thinking we began planning to push this college to the next level. We knew there was a place for a new institution of higher education in Southern Nevada. Gods timing presented the opportunity to begin an institution that would be:Uniquely Christian , one that honors Christian values while celebrating our faith in Jesus Christ in thought, practice and our daily lives.

Excellent Academically , beginning with our faculty who are high achievers dedicated to teaching and mentoring student to gain intellectual skills, excellent study habits and knowledge needed for high quality general education .Leading, Guiding, Supporting , An environment framed with the concepts of being people focused while purpose driven fosters a close-knit family of real friendship and connectivity amid a small classroom design.Cost Effective , bringing a high quality Christian college experience at an affordable cost within reach of all college-bound students.

Mission Statement

pastorOur mission is to provide a quality biblical and theological education based upon a totally biblical view of the world. In this context, an individual will be adequately trained and equipped to serve God.Subscribing to the idea that quality academic instruction can be provided without compromising spiritual integrity.



Educational Philosophy

Christian education is intended to impact the whole person,encourage the students’ ongoing spiritual growth. The Scriptures are given to equip the believer completely for every good work to go beyond the communication of biblical truth and to apply it to the students’ lives. The College is committed to small classes, enabling more intensive, nurturing instruction. The College is also committed to encouraging small groups of study cells and thereby enhancing the camaraderie, spiritual nurture, and mutual assistance that the student can render to one another.


Petra-Nia Training Institute is preparing for accreditation as a member of the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS).

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